The Natural Surface Academy!!!

Beyond the Ordinary in Surface Design!

A place for dyers to explore the extraordinary in Natural and Rust Dyeing techniques!

Join the Academy!!!

The Natural Surface is an online subscription knowledge base and community, focusing on pushing the limits with naturals dyes, rust and earth pigments as surface design mediums.

Annual Membership is


$299.00 that's less than $25 a month!


Tired of your Natural Dyed Fabrics looking like everyone else's??? 


Then join me at the Natural Surface Academy in 2014 where we will push the Rubicon in Surface Design with Natural Dyes, Rust, Fabric Paints, PaintStiks, Gutta, Shibori, Ink, and More, to create work that is unique to you!!!

There are many groups that cover topics ranging from:

  • basics of natural dyeing
  • solar dyeing
  • rust dyeing
  • lichen and mushroom dyeing 
  • indigo dyeing
  • clay dyeing and earth pigment painting
  • screenprinting and batik with natural dye

And much, much more!

Natural, rust, and compost dyed silk crepe de chine that was screen printed with osage orange extract.

Art Cloth Gallery!!!

What that paid membership will bring you:

  • Your own personal page and profile
  • Unlimited access to the Forums
  • Access to the Groups
  • Access to the Basic Workshops
  • Access to my DVDís and Videos
  • Access to my podcasts
  • Access to my zines Ė these are shortened versions of my eBooks
  • Access to private Group
  • Access to my private Natural Dyeing Blog
  • Access to my private Surface Design Blog
  • Live chat and streaming, via Ustream or YouTube, the third Wednesday evening (8:00 pm US Central Time) of each month, if needed I can hold live streaming and chat every Wednesday.
  • Access to the Library.
  • Access to the Critique Group 



  • Access to the coaching group which entails my pushing you in the direction you long go with your artwork.


Zines and eBooks:

Mark Making with Nature, Compost Dyeing and Other Fermentation Dyeing Techniques, Rust and Clay Dyeing, Getting Started with Natural Dyes, and more coming next spring.

* Membership in the Natural Surface Academy is non-refundable!!!

Hands No. 2 in progress

Art Cloth Gallery!!!



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