Kimberly Baxter Packwood

The Quilt is the Medium, Not the Subject TM 1995

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Art Cloth Gallery


Ghost Ship

Rust Dyeing, Screen and Mono Printing with Natural Dyes on Cotton Fabric.




Logwood extract Dye Painted onto Silk Charmuse.


Bulls Head No. 1

Earth Pigments on Silk Dupioni Fabric.




Earth Pigments and Black Gutta Resist on Silk Crepe de Chine.



Indigo, Natural Dye Extracts, Earth Pigments and Rust on Cotton Fabric.



Indigo Spirals

Indigo and Glue Resist on cotton fabric.


Scarf Detail No. 1

Natural Dyes and Rust on Silk Fabric.



Salmon Detail 1

Rust Dyed and then Bundle Dyed Cotton Cloth.


Swallows Alight

Screen Printing on Silk Charmuse Fabric.



Orange Punch

Rust and Fabric Paint on Cotton Fabric.


Composted Cottons

Bundle Dyed Cotton Fabrics



Buffalo Skulls

Rust and Bundle Dyed Cotton Fabric.


Voluptuous Velvet

Natural Dyed and Bundle Dyed Silk Velvet.



Buffalo Skulls Detail

Rust and Bundle Dyed Cotton Fabric.



Art Cloth Gallery 2


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